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A dark play about horrors of the Company and the destinies of people entrapped there. (And a bit, also, about their contribution on preserving the Company and making it thrive.) Hope is young. Hope is enthusiastic. Hope is a secretary on her first day at work in a Company. A famous, inspirationa... More...

Dok nas smrt ne rastavi

Četiri osobe umrle nasilnom smrću nalaze se u Čistilištu na grupnoj terapiji. Psihijatar im pokušava pomoći da se pomire s načinom na koji su umrli ne bi li doista mogli počivati u miru. Pacijenti su rijetko spremni na suradnju i ne pokazuju nikakav napredak pa se Psihijatar odlučuje n... More...

All about women

Note I:The play is for only three actresses. Each of them plays five different roles.FIRST ACTRESS plays Lada, Greta, Nena, Mimi and CarolineSECOND ACTRESS plays Anita, Dubravka, Maria, Biba and AgnesTHIRD ACRESS plays Stella, Olga, Jasna, Dada and LouisaNote II:The transition from one scene to the ... More...

The Source Point

CHARACTERSDINKADAMJAN MORANA EVA MARTIN MAMA VANJA TAMARA BORIS RANKO LUKA NIKOLA HRVOJE DENIS TO BEGIN CLICK YOUR USER NAME DINKA: A manifesto or a prayer... I can't tell... a very badly argumented, incoherent, unsubstantieted theoretical persuasion. Theses of no consequence, with... More...


Play Flesh is about mother-daughter relationship and is based on a newspapers article. Mother, who is now old and poor, is angry because her daugher Aisha refused to take care of her when she started to earn as a prostitute. Aisha did so because of her mother's manipulation she felt all her life. Du... More...


Skyscraper is a play about people who live in world of restriction, maybe physical ones, maybe only mental restrictions. Group of friends lives in a tall skyscraper, where life is like living in any other country we know. They play basketball on the roof of the Skyscraper, they hang out together a... More...

Naked Europe

In a European family (seen in a wider context as the urban Europe, and - wider still - as the urban America) a young urban girl mourns for her boyfriend, who fell victim during the occupation of Sarajevo. Along with the girl, her entire family mourns, gathered around the coffin in which the young ... More...

Ground Zero Aleksandra

Ground Zero Aleksandra is a play composed of two compatible parts of contemporary life: terrorism and love, that is, marriage crisis. The September 11 events in New York interweave with dramatic events of a European family in Zagreb, a city which convincingly symbolises all dilemmas of Europe today ... More...

A poll (on erotic life of Croatian women)

Anica is a graduate sociology student who works as a researcher for a journal, interviewing Zagreb's older ladies in their apartments, posing delicate questions about their sexual life. Mrs Ivana Domanić, a charity worker with a good heart, is willing to help Anica because she feels “professionally ... More...

Daedalus and Icarus

The play depicts the relationship between a father and a son, and tells of the cycles of life where growing up and growing old succeed each other. Daedalus and Icarus are mythical figures and the story of Icarus' flight and fall is the inspiration for the play. The drama consists of  five ... More...

Wild Apples Bordello

Protocols of the body sexuality Dance is always freedom.  A dance play Wild Apples Bordello is a civilisational dream of paradise, a "civilised" man's dream of true love and true human freedom. This paradoxical "paradise drama", very compact in structure, comprises a Spring Overture (reminisc... More...

The Doll

The play The Doll tells of a 39-year-old man whose girlfriend leaves him after a six-year relationship due to his reluctance for the marriage and child that she wants. Left alone, he cannot bear the loneliness and after a few months begins to live with a woman-doll, the latest android designed to... More...

Der tragische Tod eines Wirtschaftsexperten- Deutsch


this bed is too short or just fragments

YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2004.NUMBER OF MALE CHARACTERS: 5NUMBER OF FEMALE CHARACTERS: 5COPYRIGHT: all rights reservedThere were so many things in life we were afraid of. And we shouldn’t have been. We should have lived. Ivo Andrić, Signs by the road Everything that happens in this world happens... More...

Both of me

YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2004.SUBTITLE: (A Monologue for Inspector Bota and His Civilian I - Zdenković)NUMBER OF MALE CHARACTERS: 1COPYRIGHT: Full copyright Original title: Bota Zdenković (monodrama za inspektora Botu i njegovo civilno ja Zdenkovića) Translated by: Tomislav Kuzmanović  ... More...

An Instant-powder Family

YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2003.SUBTITLE: (a monologue about soup-kitchen Julishka)NUMBER OF FEMALE CHARACTERS: 1COPYRIGHT:all rights reserved  original title: Familija u prahu (monodrama Juliške iz javne kuhinje) translated by: Tamara Budimir  (A soup kitchen. Julishka, an... More...


YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2009.NUMBER OF MALE CHARACTERS: 2COPYRIGHT: all rights reservedTRANSLATION BY: Nina Mitrović Original title: Susret Translation from Croatian by: Nina Mitrović Awarded Marin Držić by Croatian Ministry of Culture for the best text, 2009. Part o... More...

Through the Rooms

Running from military defeat and complete disintegration of a warzone, two soldiers - The Younger One and The Older One - hide in an abandoned house whose inhabitants have fled. After losing everything they contemplate how to continue. With aid from the mysterious Leclerc, a foreign "aid worker", th... More...

There's no life on Mars

This is one classic, tragic story about two utter morons. Two middle-aged colleagues, solid and stable, responsible and smart, family people. Who are a little bored. And who are already getting old. And who have been sitting together in the office for a long, long time. She sits in front of him. He ... More...


Mr. Alojz Horvat is retired and his day begins and ends with a phone call. Mr. Horvat spends his days talking to answering machines, trying to find out what is the balance on the bank account he uses to receive his pension.  His battle with answering machines will lead him to reach various Mini... More...

No paro desde mañana - Español

¿De qué trata esta obra? Una noche cuatro hombres normales se reúnen en la casa de una de ellos, cenan y juegan a las cartas. Y hablan.De eso trata. Nada en especial. Nada raro.Para ellos. Para vosotros os parecerá raro que el mundo de ellos no sea el mismo que el vuestro. Y sus convers... More...