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About us

Web portal was conceived through an initiative of students and graduates of Dramaturgy department at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia (ADU). Through our practical work, we became aware of the need for a presentation platform for plays by Croatian authors. In order to stimulate their staging, reading and any other further use, it is important to enhance their public visibility.


On this portal you can find plays that have not been published or staged yet, as well as plays that had already been publicly presented. You can also read traslantions into foreign languages, where available, and find out something about the plays’ authors. portal automatically publishes plays by former or current students of recognized drama schools in Croatia or abroad, plays that won awards at recognized national or private contests, plays that were presented as staged readings at “Mala noćna čitanja” organized by dramaturški kolektiv, as well as other plays that passed the editors’ selection.